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Report - Otter Mill, Ottery St Mary, March 24 2012


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Visited earlier today with 'Daylightghost', this Mill is a pretty cool place, and not too hard to get into if you look around the back of the building.
The history of the mill goes back over 700 years, but of course has changed in time. Originally it was a corn mill, and was used for corn until 1937 but has also been used for silk during the 19th century...
There's many corridors and floors in the main building which are full of all sorts of wierd things... From wine glasses to Christmas tree decorations. We weren't able to get into the single storey warehouses to the side, which also stretch on for quite a distance... So there is potential for further exploration here!






Writing on the whiteboard, from more than a decade ago...


montstar said:
Didn't like this place at all... I had a really strange feeling come over me after the factory door literally pushed me away when I tried to open it. And my torch kept turning itself off, and it's now fine?! Freaky shit.
I now wish I'd taken a picture of the basement toilets which looked like they totally covered in blood! ......or toner.
When we went down to the toilets it was completely dark, whilst my torch feebly cast a small point of light onto the walls so I couldn't see too much clearly... I thought shapes were going past my vision - At first I thought it was my breath misting up but it can't have been, it was a pretty hot day, probably the hottest day of the year! I didn't tell my friend about this though! >.>





Thanks for looking! :]


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