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Report - Ouseburn Culvert, Newcastle - September 2019


Throw torches should not be thrown!
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This had been somewhere I had looked at getting into for a few months now and back in the spring of this year me and a few people attempted to enter the old world war 2 bunker through the small opening near the outfall but to our disappointment we found that all of the entrances had been blocked up with cinder blocks, bricks, and panels presumably to stop people getting into this old bunker and not knowing at the time where the entrance of the culvert was we left to go find a different place to explore for that day.
DSC_0312 (1).JPG


This is the entrance from the culvert outfall and its just a room with graffiti at this point these 2 images were taken last spring when we couldn't get in the bunker or culvert

Cut to a few weeks ago and we set out to find the entrance to the culvert which to our surprise was extremely easy to find and we walked up through the culvert until the roof started to raise again and from here we climbed up into the bunker. Honestly, there was a big sigh of relief as we had spent ages trying to find a way in. Anyway here are some of the pictures that I got but we spent most of the time exploring but I will be sure to go back soon to take some better images with some of my box lights.







(Note - If you're going to try and get into here you need some bright torches, phone torches and small flashlights just won't cut it)


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