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Report - Out newton ROC Post - Yorkshire - Sept 11'


another yorkshire folk
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visited this post today with Mr Miyagi after paying a visit to Holmpton bunker courtesy of heritage open day and early entry thanks to James fox (Brigadier)

the post is open and the hatch is long since gone, the post has been filled with debris etc and the bits that do remain at ground level are in a severe state, long since past the repair stage now.
the ladder down is still there all be it bent and loose. there is a pillbox next to this which is in better condition but now missing the ladder as seen on previous posts, PLEASE NOTE if walking round the outside of the pillbox beware of were you step and place your feet as the remains of the ladder up the pillbox are sticking out of the ground and they are razor sharp and proper ankle catchers.
a few more years or months and this will be saying hello to the beach and sea

on with the few pictures and thanks for looking:popcorn







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