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Report - Overdressed, Bury, March 14


My name is Jeff
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Visited with SophieJayne. We have lots of plans for this year, and hopefully lots of reports to come.

Drains are my favourite explores. The rushing sound of the water, the resistance of the current on your wellies/waders, the uncertainty with every step, and the thought of being underneath the rest of the population, in places that very few are willing to step into and see. And no scallies or looking on top hanging about outside the wrecked old building in town, waiting for the opportune moment :tumbleweed They are 2 different types of experience!

This one was first hit by Morrisey, who was kind enough to give us a hand - cheers man, I was miles off! You said there was potentially more to see, and once inside, we decided we would go as far as we could, and take pictures on the way back - In hindsight, this wasn't a well planned idea, as it was only a culvert with street gutters and storm/rain drainage, I don't know how long we expected it to be. The return journey was grim!

Nevertheless, I wanted to picture every change inside the drain, as to best document it - it's a bit of a long one and i'll give it the best description I can!

After entering, the drain started off as square concrete piping of modern construction, around 4 foot tall so the stoop began! We are both relatively short so it wasn't as bad as it could have been! This then opened up into a concrete chamber with uneven walls, and old cobbles. I wonder if this was originally the entrance, and was spray creted, and extended with the square piping to allow for further development over the brook?


Apologies for the rucksack - a shot in the other direction. I think this was also spray-creted, as there is slight channelling for the water, and after the concrete, it turns to brickwork walls, without the channeling, in the same shape of tunnel.


This then opened up into a concrete chamber, with channeling walls, which led into a pill shaped concrete tunnel. This then eventually turns back to good old brickwork. Note the 345 written at the top right of the picture, ordnance surveyors?


Not a great shot, but a modern inspection chamber, and the brickwork leading ahead into the distance!





The next chamber, it was nice to have somewhere dry to put the tripods, and take a break for a bit!


This is where my upload gets jumbled, so i'll just post the pics. I think all that was unseen was a cool waterfall thing out of some pipe that had washed down there, a big inspection chamber, missing a lot of plastic rungs AND the manhole covers!! And the other end - that didnt have a grill with about 16 inches of space between, and a fully locked and loaded palisade fence... but we had no pictures here!








And couldn't resist


Cheers for looking! :thumb

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nice one, gotta agree drains beat derps by a turdy mile Thumb
Yeah except that's bollox.
I'm all for underground but seriously there's more to exploring than drains.... even ojay likes the odd derp.
Anyone who can be arsed travelling further than their own backyard will know. Variety is the spice of life or summat like that.


My name is Jeff
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Cheers guys - the first of hopefully most of the northwest in drains to come! I agree, variety is indeed very spicy, but you're either in the mood for a curry or something a bit calmer on the stomach ;)

Looks suitably nasty in parts but lovely in others, thanks for posting it up :thumb
It's not too bad, there was one section that was about 3 foot tall with rubble and a massive pile of carpet (weird cause it has a grill).. apart from that it was a bent neck at the most :)

And cheers Ojay - il see if I can still change the name, could only ever find Morrisey's report and thought I would name it the same for ease of searching.

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