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Report - Overstone Hall - Northamptonshire Oct & Nov 2021


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Overstone Hall, park of the larger Overstone Park Estate c 1860 incorporating the earlier house on the same plot.
In its time this house was never a loved family home. It was used as a country retreat to host hunting parties later to be bought as a Conservative MP training quarters. When this didnt work out it became a girls boarding school then sold to the New Testament Church who due to lack of funds let the building fall in to disrepair. A fire gutted the old part of the Hall in 2001 and after pressure from the Victorian Society the Hall and grounds were sold to Barry Homes in 2015. Barry Homes apparently will be restoring this building but as usually happens with these listed buildings it has had a rubbish attempt at securing it and has basically been left to fall down.

There is a really good report already here https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/overstone-hall-northampton-aug-21.130062/ so I wont go over the story again in detail...

Took a risk going here in October knowing there were posts about high security and planning for development, we were not expecting to be able to walk straight on site and be there all day with free reign!
The cameras on the drive were not working and the security cabins had the electric and water disconnected. There was a ride on lawnmower left in the middle of the grass with a broken axle and the place looked as if it had been given up on.









A structural survey done in 1987 basically condemning parts of the building, mentioning dry rot and subsidence.....


Huge amounts of foamy type mould in the basement!


Round the side you get to a later added on part. The door to the middle part here was not open. The door to the newer part on the right contained bed-sit style apartments.





A lovely little private garden area






About 4-5hrs in to our visit here we were in the basement and heard some huge bangs, absolutely pooping ourselves that the building was falling down we scrabbled out the basement to find a group of teenagers chucking bricks about :mad:
They followed us round asking if we were making a paranormal film and if we knew of anywhere else spooky and cool for them to go! I gave them a little speech about how they shouldnt smash the place up just because they are bored but it was clear by my next visit it fell on deaf ears which is really sad :(

Just recently went back here to show a friend and its clear the destruction from the kids had triggered some sort of security effort again... the place is now surrounded by about 10 motion sensors with alarms. Instead of being annoyed it made me slightly happy that perhaps they had realized their temporary lapse had been taken advantage of and had stepped it up again to save the building?

This time the side door had been bust open which revealed some admin type offices with beautiful features....







It was clear that in the 4 weeks between visits the place had been absolutely smashed to bits by vandals... all the bedsit mirrors, toilets, doors, showers are smashed, a lot more glass smashed, furniture chucked all over the place.... absolutely gutting. We set off approx. 5 of the sensors while we were there, we were having a look around and had intended to leave when security turned up, but they never did, the alarms just kept going off.... What is even the point in putting up all of these alarms and sensors AFTER the place has been destroyed and then not even bother to turn up when they go off?! Such a sad end to a beautiful building.

Thanks for looking!


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Nicely covered. When I first tried this they had out up a new fence and security van sat inside with two big dogs. Still a place I would like to see as it has some really nice features.

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You've caught some lovely og bits there. Nice report, lovely design. Such a shame its gone this way.


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Nice combination of completely gone bits and and bits where there is quite a bit left. Well photographed...

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