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Report - Overstone House - Market Harborough - August 2014


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I'm not an expert in architecture but it's a relatively modern style building probably built in the last 50 years. Judging by the amount of land it was probably a large family estate or country house (perhaps even a nice playboy bachelor pad or summer home)

Along with half a dozen bedrooms each with on suite bathrooms it boasts a large garage, sizable lounge and kitchen and private swimming pool and tennis court. Theirs evidence of possible stables as well in the large garden area out the front.

Being residential there isn't much history on it prior to the last decade where it seems to have enjoyed life as the offices for a Travel Company trading under many names including Diamond, River Cruise Company and student exchange. The planning application states it's last use was residential however there is still evidence of office and cabling infrastructure inside which suggests it's been vacant since the travel company moved premises sometime in the last 4 to 5 years.

The building and land was last purchased by Careys New Homes and planning permission has been sourt in March 2014 to flatten it and build 48-50 "Luxury" 2/3 Bedroom houses (basically a housing estate) it's currently being argued between a couple of objectors, english heritage and Market Harborough Council (14/00623/FUL for those interested).

English Heritage don't seem to consider it listed or noteworthy so I expect that it will get a yay or neigh soon.

As far as the building goes the current owners are going to put a JCB though it anyway so see no reason to protect it. Looking at the photos from other reports it's deteriorating fast and pretty much every window has been smashed leaving the house is wide open to theifs, vandels, and explorers alike. The best part of the house (the awesome spiral staircase) has been ruined by some idiot throwing an Asbestos ridden heater down it and attempting to torch it. No doubt some more spontaneous combustion will occur before the years out doing Careys a big favour :(.

The Explore

This was a fallback explore after failing on two other explores due to exposure. I was with Lone Shadow and two non members. After a bit of fun finding the place we entered via the amazon rain forest at the front of the building before noticing the stupidly long driveway. After checking there was no secca or other intrusions we explored relatively undisturbed until I noticed the tour buses coming up the drive. After hiding we noticed they too were attempting to hide (in a bush) and after it was obvious they/us weren't secca we completed the explore with another group of fellow explorers.

The Photos

1. Driveway

2. Exterior

3. Stevie Wonder on a Galloping Horse

4. Safe still on site

5. Good Make Right?

6. Kitchen

7. Lounge

8. Slowly getting trashed

9. Maybe it was until the window was put though

10. Actually a corridor (upstairs) with Balcony Access

11. Love this Staircase

12. Top of the Stairs

13. Balcony

14. Room with a View

15. Guessing this would be the master bedroom

16. A Washroom

17. I think the Satanic Duck is better than the original ;)

18. One of the Many Many Toilets (Some still have bog roll)

19. It's Dark up there ;) Take a torch!

20. The Swimming Pond

21. The Exterior Balcony

22. Tennis Courts

23. Back of the House

24. Side of the House

25. Garden Shed (House!)

The Lone Shadow

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Really good report fella. Was a really nice and relaxed explore. Shame about the vandalism though.

The Lone Shadow