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Report - Overton ROC Post - Flintshire - August 2016


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After previously failing to find this post on my 2015 Wales trip, we set off again armed with much better knowledge of the area. Eventually we found the post. At some point the hatch had been forced open.

Unfortunately down below was a bit of a mess. Almost immediately after opening the hatch there was a strong smell of eggs. Stupidly rather than wait for the air to clear I went straight down - to which the floor started bubbling violently when I was stepping on it - releasing a large amount of hydrogen sulphide gas - which can be deadly in large doses. I quickly took a photo and scrambled back up the ladder - but this time I was already feeling very light headed, sick and dizzy - this continued for the rest of the day. Please be careful and never underestimate the gooey mess we often step in on explores!

If it wasn't for the foul stench, sludgy water and deadly gas this would be a pretty mint post!



Krypton :)


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Wow this one's still got the teletalk, I thought they were all gone from these now. Hope you felt better the next day, hydrogen sulphide poisoning can be deadly, don't blame you for only the one pic. Nice job mate


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Yeh I'm pleased I was with a mate who's more sensible than me haha. Yeh it's not a bad one... the good posts are out there if you can be bothered to find them.

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