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Report - Ozengell Farmhouse - Ramsgate Dec 2020


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I grew up thinking a very old man, possibly a hoarder lived in this place, the house was always very overgrown and there was a huge collection of rusty old cars all around the grounds. I always thought it was a shame it was so run down as im sure it was a nice house at some point. As a child I used to keep my pony in the grounds/stables opposite that were once all part of the same farm. Approx 150 years ago a road was built dividing the land and separating the 2 plots.
Ozengell Farmhouse was owned by Jackie Pallo a professional wrestler otherwise known as 'Mr TV' born in 1926. He appeared on TV shows such as The Avengers and Are You Being Served? He retired from professional wrestling in 1983. After his death in 2006 from Cancer his wife Trixie and Son Jackie Jnr lived in the house until Trixie's death in 2013.
The house was empty for several years, (although locals didnt realize due to the overgrown woods surrounding the house), in 2017 the house was put up for sale by Jackie Pallo Jnr and they held an open day to gather interest. The house was up for £225k and required extensive modernization but did not sell at auction. Perhaps it did not sell due to the huge area surrounding it that will soon have 800 new homes built on it.
In 2018 the house was subject to arson and suffered a huge amount of fire damage and subsequent water damage from the hoses. It was after this fire that planning permission was sought to knock the house down and build 6 new homes (very convenient ay?!). The wooded area was also cleared around the house.
The house and land was sold in 2019 for £319k but has yet to get planning permission granted, it is under appeal at present.
In 2020 the house was again in the news, this time an urban explorer found a dead body in the empty house! It was not treated as suspicious. I bet that was a shock!!

On to the pictures, the house was a 4 bedroom, 3 reception room house with a basement, garage and a swimming pool however I could not see a pool, it is probably under all the vegetation....




















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Sad history. I know the explorer who found the body. He was very upset & shocked. He received lots of support & warm wishes. Bless him.


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Nice report, they were planning to redirect the Haine Road around this pinch point but as yet nothing has been further announced.

Good report write up.

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i see beauty in the unloved, places & things
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how scary! my mum said it was a homeless person, not sure how true that was
Yep I think he said it was. He also said he pushed a door and it was jammed, he just knew it was going to be a body, But being a moral person, knew he had to plough on and see. Thats just his way. He is a sensitive guy anyway, this shocked him to his core. His back out now, taking his wonderful photos.


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Nice pics - although that teddy sitting out there half-destroyed is a bit creepy!


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Great bit of history that, feel bad for the guy finding a body jheeze think that would definitely put me off exploring again
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great write up, thank you


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I live local to this and always intended to go photograph the cars, but due to various rumoured connections with the family we decided probably best not to just sneak about, never did knock and ask, shame it got burned down , but as ever its amazing how old derp soggy houses just catch fire. nice report


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Is it just me, or does it look like Rupert Bear’s head in one of those pictures