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Report - P Cans Storm system, Preston , March 2013

The Kwan

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Visited with SAt, Clough and MJS

This visit involved more walking than photography..MUCH MORE WALKING!
After failing miserably at Bunker we decided to take a look at this new storm system in Preston, we knew that there were three sites to try and gain access so we set off and BINGO the first chamber site that we visited had a large open chamber and a ladder to boot so we onto the ladder platform and started heading down underground.

only when we got to the bottom section did we realise that the ladder stopped and there was just a drop of about 25 feet...SHIT... was the general concensus so we reluctantly climbed back out and back onto the street in search of the other chambers that we knew were fairly local, so after 2 hours of walking between the other sites only to find that one was PIR detected to the max and the other was actually capped so we headed back again to our original point of interest.
so we assembled at the top of the chamber and started to pass the ladder down the chamber, just like 999 rescue on the telly :) I passed the ladder down from the top and it struck me that this chamber was fking high.

Now I didnt see what happened at the bottom but it involved SAt hanging off the platform full stretch by his arms and with his legs wrapped around the ladder that turned out to be too short, he was trying to get it somewhere near the ground and as Clough said "bless that boy" for he can climb and perform gymnastic tricks like one of the performing Vontrapp's.
and with much faffing about and three hours of walking and climbing. WE WERE IN! thanks to Simon getting down and finding a longer ladder so we could all get down.

Once we were down you could see just how big this place was

At the bottom we could see the tunnels properly and the general layout, so we set off down the first tube

the tubes all led to large chambers, and for the most part they were pretty un featureless.

Dem plandems...Impressive project

MJS on a plug hole level, we travelled to the top of this capped chamber on the street above during our search for a way in

we found an evac stretcher


This trip involved far more walking than photography so there are few photos and I ended up with blisters on my feet and bag rash and I dont mean off my Camera bag and then getting out I almost left one of my testicles on the fence, I dint think it was funny but apparently anything to do with ballbag trauma is a laughing matter.


Thanks for looking.


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