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Report - P8 Jackpot, Derbyshire - June 2011.


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P8 Jackpot, Derbyshire

A sporting cave where the main route follows a streamway down waterfalls and through some low sections, a series of complex side passages containing many sumps

After an earlier mooch onboard the Duke Of Lancaster, we headed over to the Peak District for some more caving

Having had no sleep & fueled by energy drinks we headed on in for a look around the 1.8km+ system, over 2 hours later we emerged, cold wet and knackered, it had been a long day/night

We climbed in at the cascade entrance, 3M down is 'Cascade chamber'


Once down we made our way to the first pitch via fine sporting passage following the streamway onto 'Idiots Leap' along the way - sadly no pictures of the first section due to it being too confined

A 2M climb down, followed by a further 50M of narrow, high and meandering streamway lead us to the first pitch

Pitch No.1 - This can be rigged a number of ways, we chose the quickest wettest option :rolleyes:


Following the stream on through narrow passage ways, we had to crawl stoop & traverse passing under a wedged rock part way along before reaching the second pitch

Pitch No.2


Directly under the pitch, the stream disappears into a small passage


Continuing on, a scramble over fallen blocks (with flutes of eroded limestone), more stooping & crawling leads onto 'Gour Passage'


Gour passage is 24M long, requires a bit of effort and my foot was starting to give me jip by this point

Eventually we arrived at 'Mud Hall' - A 15M long x 6M wide cavern


There are a number of routes on from here, we chose to climb down into a high canyon passage, traversing round to avoid deep water below towards 'Downstream Sump 1'

My foot was getting worse now, and we had it all to do again before getting back out, back we turned...

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