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Report - Paddock (Alternative Cabinet War Rooms), London


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Despite being into this gaff for quite a while now, I'd never taken a trip to see Paddock on the open days so when someone kindly offered a chance for me to help out for the day, I accepted straight away. Little did I know that this was the day my body decided to go into meltdown but in the true spirit of a trooper, I battled on through the day sneezing on the visitors and saying I had swine flu.

Trips to Paddock as you all probably know are organised by Subterranea Britannica twice a year (the other is at London open house weekend in September) Rather than copy and pasting some words here, I'll just include the link which will provide you with everything you need and want to know about this site.


The weather seemed somewhat promising in the morning and we managed to survive the whole day with only a few spits of rain whilst we sat outside munching KitKats and discussing ROC posts. A big thanks to Dark Prince and everyone else at Subbrit, it was great to meet you all. Cheers also to Markr for lending me his tripod (perhaps a new CX mini is the way to go) and Alias for lending me his fish eye lens, without which, everything would seem flat and normal.

It was a great day, really informative and I would urge anyone to get their names down on the next trip. Here's the pics :thumb


















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