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Lead or Rumour info - padiham school


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28DL Full Member
hi was driving through padiham today noticed what looks like a secondary school closed up not sure of the name of it anyone know anthing about it looks like it could be interesting.sorry about the lack of info....il have a proper look when im next out that way.cheers

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its probably ivy bank my old high school been locked up years now no entry they have secca on site at all time shame it would be a great explore


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I live just across from the high schools. The main building has been completely demolished, however the school behind is still standing (not sure if its the same one) and the sixth form centre still stands. Me and my friend tried to get in, we got past the first fence but there is a second inside which is a bit harder to get past, but you could with a bit of climbing probably. Good luck


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28DL Full Member
ive been in the trinity school behind habergham high thats pretty cool and it still standing, not hard to get in either :)