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Report - Paid In Full, Manchester - January 2012.


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Paid In Full, Manchester

At a loose end I decided to finally check this lid out


Part of an ongoing project; except this is 'The End' and will probably be another 6 months before I'm paid in full and the jigsaw is complete :bananapopcorn

The above pic was taken over 12 months ago as I hastily GTFO of a place I shouldn't have been really, with the noise alone I knew I was on the right tracks

Trying to follow a lost watercourse across boundaries and through the City isn't easy work

Lifting lids in some real odd places with some shonky excuses makes for an interesting mooch

That said I've been chipping away at this for a good 18 months now

It came as no surprise when I saw first hand that the final outfall is discharged via a sewer, it was just a case of locating it ^^

No doubt at some point I'll be back with the rest of it, until then I'll leave you with this...

Remember the liddage from above ^^

(Under the cover of darkness I returned)..


Down 10ft into the dropshaft brings you to this landing stage


Looking down into the sewer below


Another 12ft down brings you face to face with this baby sewer, running through the bottom of the dropshaft


And the source of all that noise..

Odd to see this 150 yr old watercourse that once flowed through open fields & rural areas, unpolluted, teeming with fish and the haunt of numerous wild fowl outfall into sewer via a 200mm cast iron pipe ;)


Looking back up, and time to GTFO


More to follow at somepoint in the near future


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