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Report - Palace Hotel & Clock Tower, March 2010


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Palace Hotel Roof And Clock Tower - The first phase of this Grade II listed red brick and terracotta building was designed for the Refuge Assurance

Company by Alfred Waterhouse and built 1891-1895. The inside was of Burmantofts faience and glazed brick. The ground floor was one enormous open business hall.


It was extended, with a striking 217 foot tower, along Oxford Street by his son Paul Waterhouse in 1910-1912. It was further extended along Whitworth Street by Stanley Birkett in 1932.

The Refuge Assurance Company occupied the building until 1987. Although, the Refuge Assurance company had discussed turning the building into a new home for The Hallé, the funding required for the project did not materialise. It was converted to a hotel by Richard Newman in 1996, and is now the Palace Hotel, owned and operated by the Principal Hayley Group.

Been wanting to see this for sometime now, after pestering Sneak ages ago it was a case of "at least show that yer keen" LOL, oh well nice try eh.

Then when the Gone & Rookie hit it up last week I was more determined than ever to crack this one. (Nice work guys and some excellent photos) :thumb

I met up with R Frizl & Morse who were also looking to do the Palace; after a meeting of minds and having spent myself at least a couple of
hours wandering around this place over the weeks we finally found what we thought was a way to hit up the clock tower.

At first It was looking like a fail, then I sent Rookie a quick text, which after what seemed like an eternity provided no more clue than what I already new...bummer (thanks anyway)

After another 15 mins of dicking around I was convinced this was it, and sure enough it paid off.

Access on the whole was a bit sketch, very interesting to say the least. After a bit of free climbing and somewhat of a squeeze I was finally on the roof. All I could see was the clock tower, 'I want in'. I realised we had to be patient and stealthy up here, didn't help that some geeza was watching SKY Porn accross the way with his curtains open staring right across the roofline at this point. Not to be put off,
R Frizl went for a recce round the roofline but incredibly didn't find a way in to the clock tower at first. :( It was pure comedy as it was actually staring quite literally at us the whole time LOL. And by the time I had sent Rookie a second text we were already in, thanks again dude.

This is a really chilled place and the views are really spectacular, it's also weird to climb to the top for a true 'Pigs Eye View' of Manchester.

Here are a few photos to mark the occasion:


















Thanks for looking :)​
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