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Report - Palace of Culture, Lviv, Ukraine, MAY 2017


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Hello to all of explorers here! As I'm newbie, i'd like to introduce myself posting some nice stuff for you.
So, lets begin the story. Infiltration was pretty nasty [redacted - we dont post access details] But there we are passing triple-tunnel and taking first photos.

Slowly we walk out to the surface, as we know well about security guy on his duty in a few rooms from us. That's what we see - a huge mirrors and restrooms with wardrobe.

In the main hall we can see huge piece of soviet art. I cannon call such stuff beautiful, but there defiantly is something in it. Especially if we remember, it was a culture place for employees of huge military fabric, which is still alive (and has got some nice&big bombshelters, which i may post later).

Through the hall we get into the scene.

Some faces:)

Than we went up to the 3rd floor. And there is where strange things r happening

Art room

I don't know what kind of animal are they:)

Used to be a fox

Very interesting room. Used to be a storage of cinema tapes. But You can see blue piece of rack, which is not actually just a rack. It is a masked door to a secret room (was totally closed), that was used to work with tapes in full and contained control panel of all electricity in the building and access to all ventilation. Creppy reference to the Nord Ost tragedy, where they actually used that access to the vents.
So militarized soviets, huh.

So, now we take our way to the roof. But we find smth cooler - communications behind the scene. Behind and above.

Sorry for the focus(

While last pic was in progress, i've heard sounds of security walking below us and it was nice signal no get out of there.

Thank You and see You later
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Btw, it would be great to hear all the critics about my English, as it's not my native language i could have missed something:)