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Report - Palletline building,formaly Travel West Mids depot,Erdington,Birmingham Dec 2011

davey boy

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Hi ,, tried to find out a bit about this place although not been able to find much. it was the travel west mids bus build and repeair centre from 1940's to the 1990's , was also used to make bullets during the war im told.i know there was a coat of arms where the palletline sign is that was removed an is stored at the travel museum in Aston.
apparently it was the biggest under cover floorspace in the world when it was built . Any way palletline took over sometime in the late 90's did a bit of extending but decided to move in 2008., ive been told that colliers of erdington have bought the building as their site on sutton new road is to become a sainsbury's .
shame that none of the origional features are there but was still a good mooch.
was on my way to another location an spotted the sold sign up on this one, as its right on my door step it would be rude not to have a look, watched the security guard for a while who sat in his kabin smoking an chatting on the phone, gave up on him an carried on regardless, walked past him numerous times on the explore was still on his phone every time...was going to take his pic but dint want to push my luck. After some 7 ft fence scaling i found the place pretty much open.

please remeber this is my first report and first with photo's. i dont own a good camera yet. i was alone an took these on my phone cam using a standard torch for light. so please judge me but excuse the photo's
this place is vast , many more darker areas still need to be explored , i will revisit an next time get to that second floor...


wanted to access the second floor but couldnt find a way up there is a ladder to the roof but i ran out of time .



i dont know why the whole of the glass roof has come in can only gues that the lead has been stripped ??




this was in one of the offices strange how it stayed up all that time an the rest is trashed ,,





security guards hut was at the end of the building just out of site.
more pics on my photo bucket dont wanna get carried away .
after the fence climbing to get in , i found a nice gap on the other side to get out :rolleyes:
i have promised my self a return visit , somuch more to see here maybe if someone with a propper camera wants to tag along ?? give us a shout ..
thanks :)


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