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Report - Pandora - Bradford - November 2011


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As I pulled up to pick up Nick on a cold November evening I noticed an unusual addition amongst his normally lean and light set of gear.

"What's that Nick?"

"Mate, check this out....."


Draining is fun. Draining with a boom box is fooking mint...

We hopped off to meet up with millhouse, morse and gone and shot off in convoy to bradford with some drains and rooftops in mind.
The slight catch with this drainy boombox plan was that nick had forgotten all of his CDs except an old Cypress Hill album, and as reception is pretty terrible down the drains of bradford, Cypress Hill it was, on repeat, all night.

We treked up the RCP, moving through some mahoosive chambers until we got to the junction - Pandoras box on the left, pandoras arsehole on the right. Up some pretty minging ladders and on into the chamber, I go the few decent snaps I took that evening.







Once we were done, and faced with the mammoth walk back down the RCP, we thought it would be a brilliant idea to take a shotcut....

"shall we just pop this lid?"

Errrr... Ok. Up we shot, in the middle of the Uni campus, full of student enjoying what most would consider to be a normal night out.

You can find a more in depth analysis of this story... HERE

After raving through Bradford city Centre to some of altern8's oldskool classics (now finally able to get some radio reception) and dewadering, we went to hit some some high stuff.



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