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Im after some panoramic software, something simple (as I only take a panoramic shot once every 4 years or so). I have some photos that need stitching. I used to have a nice free package a couple of laptops ago but cant remember what it was called now.

any suggestions?

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I've always used photoshop elements, now on version 13. Easy to use and seamless. Have stitched up to 24 images to give a full 360 degree panorama, but works just as well with less, usually 3 to 12 images. Downside it's about £50, but I edit my photos on it as well so not too bad.


28DL Memb3r
28DL Full Member
Thanks guys just DL'd and played with PTgui and it is spot on, can just throw the photos at it and it does the job. then it has loads of functionality for doing more but that doesnt get in the way of a simple stitch. Thanks :)


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28DL Full Member
If you have a Canon camera you should find a copy of Photostitch on the CD that came with it

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