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Report - Paramount Student Apartments, Lord Nelson Street, Liverpool, L3 5QB


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This one caught me on the hop. My company had sent me to reccy up a repossession of our generators so I only had my camera phone with me.

The site is opposite Lime Street Station car park and was a brownfield site for many years, so I believe. The apartment block build was initially undertaken by PDM in 2015. They went bust 12 months later and the site was taken over by Pinnacle Student Developments. As of this moment in time, they appear to have suffered the same fate, hence the reason for my work visit. The site is secured by Oculus but to be honest, they needn't bother, it's not a very secure site at all. I'd been there for nearly two hours before the Security Guard made his presence known. To get in, I simply moved the Herras fencing on Hotham Street and drove my van in.

Having major issues with Photobucket at the mo so a slideshow link is easier. The forum upload function will take some getting used to as well.


BTW, Oculus are pulling off site in the near future as they haven't been paid for four months so the site will be even easier access.


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Only recently discovered this site, I've very interested in what's underground in Liverpool. I don't think this site was Brownfield, if it's where I'm thinking it was a multi storey car park. I used to park there when going to gigs. I wondered why it was taking so long for these apartments to be built.

Once I can post my own new posts I have a few Liverpool related questions.


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PhotoBollocks no longer allow third party hosting unless you assign your monthly income to them, promise them your mortal soul and let them have droit du seigneur. So, if you want you're reports to contain epic snaps of your shenanigans, you'll either need to use a different third party host (Flickr, imgur or forumsimagehosting), or, just upload the snaps directly to the 28days site, since they now allow image hosting. :thumb