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Question - Paris Catacomb Parties?


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Hi, I'm looking for any and all info on how to get into a Paris Catacomb Party. I know they've had parties/raves down there before, and I'm wondering if I could get some info on how to link up with someone who can bring me down into the catacombs. There's a lot of general info on the internet but not a lot concrete so I'd love to get into contact with someone who knows specifics. Thanks!


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Yeah welcome to the forum to you too, did we leave the tourist information sign on again?

edit: No one here will just take you to Paris, in to the catas, and into a party, which are often organised by the cataphiles themsleves, and some of them trust us enough to invite us. We don't know the first thing about you, what you are capable of, and showing up asking for information isn't how things are down around here. Get some reports up etc.


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You cant just invite yourself to other peoples parties you know :p

At the end of the day theres two ways you will get into the catta community.

A. Get the map, Book a train, Find a way in, Meet people down there and make friends. (this is what members of this forum did in 2006 when we first started going there)

B. Do some exploring in the UK. Post some decent reports here, make some friends here, Get invited on a trip by said freinds.

What we wont do is run tourist trips for 'allcomers' as that's really frowned upon amongst cataphiles and wont do our popularity much good!