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Report - - Paris Catacombs, 14th and 15th May 2008 | European and International Sites |

Report - Paris Catacombs, 14th and 15th May 2008

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Oxygen Thief

Staff member
Visited with Root, Rooks, Rigsby, SparkUK, Well Wasp, Vivo and Neko.

A visit to the GRS network, with the aim of giving Root some experience of leading down there, after getting busted last time, and showing some others around for the first time. A couple had been before. Neko was a last minute addition to the trip.

Everything went to plan, we got to the supermarket for supplies in good time, and waited for the others in the blazing sun. It was far too hot. But within seconds...


It lasted for maybe half an hour, we managed to keep mainly dry though.

The usual access and stuff.

Neko at the Passe Murraille...


Errr, Neko at Rue Sarratte...


Then onto Bysance area, and a bite to eat and a beer at Cellier, with candlelight. Then onwards to lanterns...


Then on to Carrefour des Morts to see the bones, then a nice crawl up to Montparnasse, to see the shelter and the flag room...



After all that, the flags weren't on display. However this sign is very old...


The names and dates correlate somewhat with the names on the enamel plaque...


That's gonna make me a great tattoo one day...


Unfortunately there's a new steel door at the top of the shelter steps...


Then on to bed. We get about 30 mins over the night. Wake up more tired than we were before.

Lessons learned... two people can sleep in one hammock. However, hammocks can spontaneously eject the occupant when the second person climbs in. There's no pigeons in the catas. Laugh at the snorers rather than be angry. It's better to be chilled than angry.

Next day, we head over to the East, via Philiberts memorial and St Michel stairwell.


then on to Salle Z, and down to the brewery.

After that, we start heading out.


Here's what 24 hours in the catas does to you...

On the metro before...


and after...


Thanks everyone for a great trip, to Root for excellent map reading skills, except for the one bit where you took us through the sewage :barf:, Neko for the random meeting a foreigner at short notice in strange circumstances type thing, Rooks for being a laugh and stuff, and the excellent music, Rigsby for the weird shit that got us through the small noisy hours, and the first-timers down here just for coming here and experiencing this place. I hope you all enjoyed it.

After we did the GRS and you guys got on the train, we went and did the 13th district and got the last metro back. Whilst waiting for Rug we fell asleep on the pavement outside GdN just like all the bums there. Sparks got a great pic, I hope he'll post it up.

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