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Report - Paris Catacombs 24-04-09


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Visited with Chronic.


This was my 3rd visit to the parisian underworld. The plan was to make it to Anschluss by a decent time to claim a place to sleep for the night. We made it to the railway and found a place to sit out and scout the area. There seemed to be a few people hanging around on the lines, then a couple of shifty looking characters turned up on the bridge. We waited a little while to see what they were up to then the police turned up, a van and a car. I got back to chronic and the gear to find the bags sitting in a puddle, the bag of wine we had had leaked. So all was not going too well so far. I took the police at least another hour to clear off and as soon as they did we made a go for it.



I wanted to check out some new areas this time but couldn't print the maps off, so it was going to be another tourist type trip showing Chronic some of the main sites as it was his first visit.


We made our way up towards Bysance stopping off at a party going on in the Castle room. Then onto Lanterns room for a bite to eat and some wine. We continued up towards the west and to the Ossuary and then stopped again for a rest in Bureau Du Centre which I had not seen before. Found a candle left burning in Notre Dame Des Champs and so stopped for another rest and a drink, and were soon joined by a group who we stayed with for a while chatting and drinking.



By this time it was getting quite late and we needed to get settled somewhere for the night, so made our way to Anchluss via Apero's and to our surprise the room was empty. Through the night we were joined by people some stopped and drank some with us and some never bothered.


The next day we had slept in so we had to make tracks to get out for a reasonable time to go out in Paris that night. We made our way along the east section stopping off at various sites along the way but mainly just trying to make good progress towards our exit.




We had been told about a manhole open for work going on, everyone we met along the way had mentioned this to us also. So we made our way for this and sure enough the lid was off and it made for an easy and convenient exit.






Another fantastic trip in the Catacombs. Nicely finished off over a couple pints in a near by bar. Which cost 9.50 Euros each :eek: Tres Chere!