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Report - Paris Catacombs - August 2010


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Visited with OT, Dweeb, Speed, Urban Junky and The Strangler. A right old motley crew assembled for 3 days and 3 nights in the GRS.

Arriving Monday Lunchtime, we did the usual Gare Du Nord & Monoprix stuff, fully embracing the parisian lifestyle, we didn't enter until late Monday night. The day mostly consisted of making hideous metro journeys to buy an mp3 player, travelling to camping stores that were closed and kicking back with a scottish bum who gave me a Mona Lisa fridge magnet as a parting gift.

The five of us entered shortly before midnight, making the short journey to Le cellier to stop for the night. We would link up with Speed in the morning.


Time for a late supper of Bread, Cheese and cold meats, and not forgetting the Bolognase Crisps. Chuggin' some very nice sparkling wine, chuffin' on cigars with the tunes playing in the background, we chatted til the early hours. The sound of aerosols spraying away filled the air as a few cataphiles passed through later on. Eventually got our heads down by 3am, we would be joined by some rather unsavoury characters later on. We slept in a small room off of the main Cellier network, with the sound of rats gnawing away around us for the night.


Woke around lunchtime Tuesday with the group one stronger and one map lighter. Headed to the far south east of the GRS passing the KCP room on the way to the Bou du Monde; The end of the World, one of the southern-most rooms of the Kta, located in the Montsouris maze



KCP is plastered with stone figures and faces carved out of the stones, a nice room to stop for a nap with lots to see and photograph.




We chilled at BDM for an hour so, where we got acquainted with the wonder that is snuff, before heading North.

Made a short stop to check out the epic Calcite formation that is The Jellyfish. I liked it and it beat the "Fallen Pillar" in the Central GRS hands down.


Worth the Walk


Our track took us North passing the Cube room, an old well with water gauge, where we chilled for a smoke and another nap. Also stopped at The Rats Bar, affectionately renamed as The Cheese room on account of the table. Taking in the roomy Aperos on the way, we would sleep at Anschluss for the night with the hope that it would be empty. You can expect it to be full every weekend. Always a cool place to stop, i think we all got a good nights sleep here.


Having a burner down there was a godsend. A much needed brew every morning before a long day of walking. This was Tom's first trip so we headed southwest to show him the Ossuarys, passing Assas on the way. Some of us checked our the Carrefour des Morts and another long gallery full to the brim with bones.



Some of the group split for a long walk way out west over to Falguiere Crossroad with a stop at the GYM room en route. At least we thought we would stop at GYM. We struggled to find it at first, the map seemed to be inaccurate when infact the room had been half blocked up and half injected. very strange indeed.


Time to head to the Western most part of the GRS. At least we thought we would. We became fascinated with a lonely wheelchair found on the way, and also found a shortcut via a lower level, which turned out to be stooping hell for several hunded metres. Heading North east through Montparnasse we passed Flag room and the Shelter. More naps on the way before that (wet) crawl, taking us to the Raspail Crossroads.





We briefly lit some candles at Aspairts, stopping at Saint. Michel Staircase to make a phonecall and also find the rubbish collected by the Kta clean a few months previous still festering at the top of the shaft, before heading to our final stop of the night that is Paleo.It feels like a second home now as i think we have stayed here everytime we go to the Kta. Finish the last of the Port, Desperados, have a brew and go on then, some more snuff. By this time the fresh food was gone, and we were on tins of food cooked on the burner, providing some much needed warmth and which were actually very nice indeed! The hot food still didn't stop the rather unhealthy and persisent talk and fantasing of mcdonalds, kfc, kebabs, which seemed to last the whole trip.

Awaking the final morning, i will definitely not miss putting on two damp pairs of socks, wet jeans and waders. We were soon on our way though, with the plan to quickly check out Val De Grace, Feuillantines Shelter before retreating South to make our exit. Passed Ossa Arida, Dragon Room on the way south which is usually the case.
Getting out Mid afternoon, we split for kebabs and Mcdonalds before slogging it on the metro for a long journey back across town.


The last day consisted of Salads of epic proportions, a failed Breakfast of epic proportions, etap hotels, forgetting train tickets, early trains, late trains, a value for money chicken dinner, tramps, getting lost, and The Swipe-The-Ignorant-Commuter-With-Your-Dusty-Covered-In-Shit-Bag Game

Great trip, great company, i look forward to the next!



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