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Report - Park Hall Road House - Charnock Richard - Sept 2017

The Excursionists

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As other reports on this place state, there is very little on this location. However what the other reports didn't document (generally) is the multiple chicken huts and barns deeper into the undergrowth leading us to believe it was a working chicken farm most likely part of a family business ran over the years. The house itself most likely dates to around the 1920s. (We aren't totally sure on this. It's just what we've been able to come up with. If you have any info on this site let us know)

Our Visit:

Yet again for us it was another very relaxed explore with easy entrance etc etc... It's worth the visit before it's gone if you're in the area :)


The House:


Garage and Other Out Buildings:

Although it doesn't look like it due to the clutter this is one of the large chicken huts.

Multiple Chicken Feeders

Go to 'Part 2' below for the final photos!

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