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Report - Park Hall Road House, Chorley, September 2017


the north
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The Day
One of our first semi-nightime explores, I actually found it much more enjoyable so I might do some more from now on, nothing beats sunny daylight shots though.

There is barely anything on this site. My Mum reckons it was built between 1920s and 1930s because of the architecture and was occupied until around 1970-1980 from certain newspapers we found. I think it was a chicken farm as deep in the undergrowth you can find some pens and there is also chemical bottles which from researching their names, they are animal tranquilizer/poison.

The Visit
We got dropped off a little down the road and wandered in quite easily, the only issue was the heavy mass of bushes that had grown all over the site and looked quite beautiful honestly. There was way more buildings than anticipated, and we spent a long time having a snoop around them, the two cars and a caravn inside a little barn before we strolled up to the main house.

Sadly, there original way in I'd seen on videos and by working out had been done up therefore we couldn't make it in. Also, unlike on Google Maps, there are new signs outside explaining you of the alarm system they have rigged in the house (apparently) now, so if we had managed to get inside, we would have had to be very careful.

Anyway, we got some nice exterior shots and did have a peer through the solid, huge windows and it looked magnificent inside. It will have be returned to once we find out access is available. I'd still recommend to the outer buildings and cars, because they are very interesting to snoop around at.


A lot of the buildings were very dark and I need some better equipment for low-light photography so you'll have to deal with these right now. Still, I think they came off OK, leave me some feedback if you wouldn't mind :)

I'm gonna save the video of this for if anything goes wrong when we try to double upload per week in October, so be on the lookout for it if you're interested. Anyway, enjoy the pictures :)









Thanks for reading :)


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I went to this house in July 2018 and there were no alarm systems at all despite looking like there was, when I went there was hardly anything left in the house except a few pictures, books and bottles. The barns were absolutely full of stuff like newspapers, engines and more. The decaying car also looked like it had been burnt as parts of it were melted.

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