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Report - Park hill estate - January 2018


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**So this is my first report so wont be the best, plus I'm a keen photographer and the images are edited as they are used on my pages so they will not be to everyone's liking, do excuse the photo quality as my originals are on my work laptop and i has to pluck these from my facebook page for now**

So i have been urbexing for a few years now and I'm lucky enough to work all over the country, when i was given a job pack for a certain place i remember seeing a post regarding the park hill estate and it was somewhere i really wanted to visit! i blagged my workmates and then when we had finished work for the day we made the 10 minute trip from site to the estate, i read a few recent reports that it was pretty much impossible to get in lately, but being construction workers we don't look out of place .w When we pulled up we seen a few blocks had been converted into new homes and the other part had workmen re-blocking up windows ect. we drove around and found the site entrance so we sat in the carpark for site and waited for the van that was sat there to leave whilst scoping out a visible entrance. Whilst we was sat in the van we spotted a hole in fence we could squeeze through which we underestimated but did mange to squeeze though, as soon as the van had left we put on our hi-vis and hardhats and headed into the estate, we knew there were workmen on the other side of the estate so we decided to keep away from there. We walked around for about 10 minutes when we realised there was no visible way in. We walked to were the workmen's vans were parked and noticed they had opened up one of the stairwells. We decided we would give it a shot and headed up the staircase, half way up we bumped into one of the workmen. My heart stopped for a second but we had to act like we was meant to be there and gave a nod and hello and carried on our way, luckily he didn't question us so from there out we could be as bold as we liked, we headed around most of the buildings and most flats in the first two blocks were ruined but a lot in the other blocks were in generally good condition with most of them still boarded up and looked like no one had been inside since it shut, this had to be one of my favourite explores as it was such a massive place even though it was nearly all alike, think we did spot another urbexer but at the site of us he bolted but if i seen 3 guys in hi-vis and hardhat's i would probably run as well....anyway that is my first report and its probably pretty boring but i hope the photos will make up for that :thumb

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Can’t believe this is listed. If anywhere should be set on fire by the pikeys it’s gotta be this.

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I like this, similar in design and style to Robin hood gardens in East London

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