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Report - Park Hill Flats Urban Splash, Sheffield July 2014

super nerris

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Okay so this one has always been in the back of my mind as one of the Iconic sites in Sheffield that was a must I visited, on a very recent visit to another Top Sheffield site there was infinite views over the city with Park Hill smiling at me in the background and calling my name haha.

Park Hill Flats was now number one on my hit list I had waited far to long and had to go check it out, a quick visited for a rekki turned into the unimaginable most pleasant visit to any site I have had yet, I could not wait to get up on the roof!!

Really happy to have crossed this one off my list, well worth the wait, yet again another cracking venue for a Sheffield Visit:thumb

A little about the place:

Park Hill is a council housing estate in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. It was built between 1957 and 1961, and in 1998 was given Grade II* listed building status. Following a period of decline, the estate is being renovated by developers Urban Splash.

Park Hill is like no other place. Iconic is an overused term, but it really does apply to Park Hill. The Grade II* Listed Park Hill (the largest Listed structure in Europe) is a landmark on the Sheffield skyline atop one of the city's seven hills immediately to the east of the mainline railway station and city centre. It already has character and we are creating a world class landscape, inside and outside its walls.

Working to bring love, life and pride back to this iconic project and make it a genuinely vibrant and sustainable community for the 21st Century. Phase 1 is now complete and residents have moved into their new homes.

Park Hill is one of those places that a photographer, fascinated by architecture, social history and dereliction, simply has to visit.

The history on this place is a great read i could go on forever but there is that much i would have no room for pics haha:) worth checking out if you get a spare five mins

On with the shots............

Hope you all enjoy:)










Thanks for looking!!:)

Until next time...........


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Nice ones mate :thumb

Agree on the colours :)

My faves No 2 looking down to the bottom of Parkway.........very nice

Did a Recce here the other week, all I got was Prostitutes and Police .......neither very impressive :)

Idle Hands

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I love this place, and it is a fascinating story of modern architecture and borderline reckless social engineering. These pictures are fantastic :)

super nerris

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Thanks for your comments guys, really did enjoy this one!! Wish I had more time up there though, might be a re visit on the card!!! :)


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28DL Full Member
I'm not into doing high stuff so this is as close as I get. Fab shots there dude. Got me some sweaty palms. ;)

super nerris

On A Mission....
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Some sick shots there matey. Props for getting on top of the north block. That's pretty much the only part of the estate I've never managed to reach. Give us a shout if you're popping back for a revisit ;)
Cheers mate I did enjoy this one, yeah have to have a meet up be good to meet all you guys!! I would quite like to have a go at the rest of the place too, there so much to go at. Very interesting site!!!

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