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Report - Park Hill, Sheffield, Works underway, stripping back to a frame


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Park Hill is a council housing estate in Sheffield, England.

Also My favorite building... although some cant see its beauty it has been described as one of the ugliest buildings in Europe, and featured in a Kevin (hes a lighting designer not an architect) Mc Clouds, bilge TV special, on ugly buildings which should be knocked down, alongside Jannet Street-Porter (who should be knocked down aswell)

Designed by Jack Lynn and Ivor Smith and built between 1957 and 1961, the deck access scheme, inspired by Le Corbusier's Unité d'Habitation and the Smithsons' unbuilt schemes. Construction is of an exposed concrete frame with yellow, orange and red brick curtain walling.

The concept of the flats was described as "streets in the sky". Broad decks, wide enough for milk floats, had large numbers of front doors opening onto them. Each deck of structure, except the top one, has direct access to ground level at some point on the sloping site. The site also allows the roofline to remain level despite the building varying between four and thirteen stories in height. The scheme also incorporates a shopping precinct and a primary school.

Some closed shops remain as do some of the pubs (also closed) the school has however gone, (to make way for a multi level car park giving access to all street levels.

Park Hill was Britain's first post-war slum clearance scheme, the most ambitious inner-city housing project of its time and it offered a sense of hope to those who quickly formed its tightly-knit community.

As the years rolled by, Ivor Smith and Jack Lynn's iconic design was labeled an eyesore, the concrete began to crumble, and one of the estate's four pubs was named one of the most dangerous in Britain. (they really were that rough I went in one once NOT NICE)
The streets in the skies earned a bad reputation, but it was a community which looked after itself. People did know each other and for the first 10 or 15 years people were really happy.

Now Urban Splash's are redeveloping the area, workers are currently ripping out the flats' walls, it's hard to see the bigger picture, but when complete, the area will apparently boast a wildflower garden, bowling green and allotments, and the multi-storey car park, covered with a façade of Yorkshire roses, has been designed by Egret West a London based architects (Iv meet Christophe Egret and had a meeting with him he is really nice!!) But may turn the building in to a generic Urban Splash bold statement, neglecting the structures brutal beauty, I honestly think that a 1st glass piece of architecture and vision is disappearing in front of our eyes and that’s sad. (THAT SOUND LIKE A VERY MCCLOUD CONCLUSION) SH*T!






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I went recently at night. Some of it is lived in (maybe 100 out of the 950 flats?) Here are some pictures (hope you don't mind Links Rover)

It is sealed super tight at the moment. The gates to the upper desks are spot welded closed.

There was a large group of chavs who I wanted to avoid. Not the place for carrying expensive camera gear.

Some flats will have good views over Sheffield, particularly the new 101m St Pauls Tower

Rumour has it the flats are haunted by the ghost of a fat chav eating chips. Luckily I didn't see him.

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