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Park House - Park Street, London: 01.02.2008 | Downfallen |

Park House - Park Street, London: 01.02.2008

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Park House , Park Street, London
18 floors/ 186ft
Under demolition
Not alot I could dig up on this building.
Its pretty bland but along with the the building to its left commands a large chunk of ( what most be) prime retail value land on the Western end of Oxford Street.Its been used as office space for a variety of companies including Marine, Retail, Recruitment and was the Head Office for ( apparantly they were the last to leave :p )
(courtesy of Wikipedia)

Will be redeveloped into 'Park Plaza'....smaller at 9 floors/131ft
The Park House Redevelopment contains 31100 square metres of office space plus three floors of retail and 39 new apartments.
The building takes up an entire city block with a site size of 0.42 hectares.
(courtesy of Wikipedia)



Third time lucky...​

THEFUNK highlighted this lead up on the boards ( all credit there for the find..let me know if you want/need access info mate :thumb) ...and I first went to take a look the other night...doing a perimeter recce and stood opposite the gate thinking about access....
Tried the front gate ...and whaddya know ...unlocked...sweeeet !
I had just opened it a bit when by pure chance ( and bad luck) ahead of me in the yard I see a guy outside his hut taking a piss !...he fumbles around doing himself up and says
"Can I help you?"
Usually, that statement from a bloke with his tackle in his hand would send me running in the opposite direction...but ...I put on my very best Polish accent ( I was aiming for Polish...maybe it sounded Spanish...I dunno) and in broken Engrish explained the following .....( not necessarily in this order)
"Good worker...."
"Need job"
"will work very problem"

He seemed to buy it , and giving me a number and directions for where I should 'enquire' in the morning for monkey work...I walked...
Second attempt was last night......parked up...started my walk towards the building and blow me...if a car didnt come around the corner ( again just a bad coincidence)....A guy got out and I had to walk right past was the same bloody security guy as I saw before !
He looked at me wth that kind of
Havent I seen you somewhere before?? kinda look....
(not particularly surprising seeing as I was wearing exactly the same clothes) , and even though I was not even on the same side of the street as the building.....just carried on walking ...away...cursing my bad luck...again.

Third time lucky ....After that I just headed away for a coffee....came back an hour later....the car had gone and it was much quieter....perfect !
Access point is a little exposed..but when its was pretty simple.
(the front gate was locked this time)
The building is ghastly inside....I stopped off at every other level...and every other level looked exactly the same...stripped to the brick and a mess !
Up out on the roof there were some great visuals looking down Oxford Street and out to the skyline...I wasnt feeling particulary inspired to get pictures....and enjoyed just chilling out with the view only a few to see... :thumb


Lovely big open rooftop...great for just chilling out on and enjoying the view...the view to the East by far is the best.

Oxford Street runs away in front of you...

Couple of look down shots



Builders graff on pretty much every level on the North Stairs
yeah....smash the state.....raaaa ! (lets start with this building though ):p


Each level isnt much different from this one....lots of mess, lots of asbestos careful.

Security hut....He was watching some Kung Fu flick..Jackie Chan one I think...not one Ive seen before anyway...:p

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