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Report - Park Plaza, Leeds - July 2013


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Park Plaza, Leeds - July 2013

After one hectic day at work, the prospect of boarding an equally arduous train at rush hour in the recent heat we've been having was just a little too much to bare. So, I thought I'd try calm down up high somewhere.

Situated right in the centre of Leeds overlooking City Square, Park Plaza has a bar on the ground floor, which was important. I've not done a decent roof on my own for quite some time, and I was overly wary of this here for some reason - but there was little to worry about dressed in my work attire - all smart and stuff, with my laptop bag. It may have been a case of Dell courage over Dutch courage getting past the concierge as there's absolutely no way I'd be getting tipsy on the prices in that bar.


Two ways out to the roof, one with a camera, one without. Love that logic.

I opened the door to the roof and immediately noticed that another door to my right into a plant room was wide open, a few clattering noises later, and I darted up the ladder to the highest walkway to get out of sight before anyone noticed me gawping back at them motionless and told me to piss off. I'm not sure if there was anyone actually there, but I didn't want to find out.

It did disturb me a little though. I took a handful of photographs on the Minolta, but then just tried to take in the views for 10 minutes. Watching the hoards of yuppies streaming into the rail station, I sat it out for a while, but I couldn't really relax up there and made my way down soon after.



Park Plaza was built in 1965 as Royal Exchange House, on the site of the old Royal Exchange Chambers, and opened in 1966. The tower block, initially offices, was re-clad in 2004 and converted to a hotel. It has a roof heigh of 77m spread over 20 floors and a plant floor. It held the title of Leeds' tallest building for seven years in the late 60s and early 70s. It is currently the fifth tallest building in Leeds.



Laptops... decent credibility props.
Rooftops... better with a friend.


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