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Report - Parkam Food Group, Liversedge - Aug 15


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Had last week off work and conveniently so did Raz, so obviously went went on a derp hunt.


On this occasion our travels (and my pug) took us to Bradford for what i would describe as a series of catastrophic fail, so on our way back we decided to go the back way in the hope we might stuble across some kind of spectacular building to save the day. What we found was by no means spectacular but it was so clean and tidy that it more than made up for what it lacked.


Little bit of history courtesy of Raz cause im lazy and google got me the exact same info.

Parkam Chilled Foods are manufacturers of quality cooked meat, sandwich and sandwich filler products for the retail, wholesale and foodservice sectors. The group is made up of five companies, each with their own specialities. Together Parkam Chilled Foods provide the complete cooked meats solution manufacturing a vast range of products from a variety of species.



The explore;

So after a dodgey Bear Grylls like entrance into the grounds of the factory we proceeded to scope out the place and at first it appeared to be locked tighter than a nuns f****, however, perseverance paid off and we found our entry. It would appear that whomever owns the building really doesnt give a toss about it as they have a rather sophisticated sensor alarm system which is turned off. We found this out after a few heart stopping moments everytime we passed one.

Few buildings we never made it into as we didnt want to out stay our welcome so quick get on and get in...

Heres a few more;








As always thanks for looking :thumb