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Parkour - Glasgow area


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28DL Full Member

Iv been kinda toying with the idea of starting to get into this. I am living in Glasgow and was wondering if anyone know of any kinda "Classes" or something that me be available. I figured it would be useful for generally keeping fit as well as exploring about! :D

But yeah Rely if anyone can give me some kind of help in how to get into it and were to..Start rely.


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I think it's one of those things like BMX, where you just have to go out and start. You'll probably find some others, go and say hello. People into stuff like this are usually very accepting of new people (as long as you're not a complete twat!). With bikes, street riding, etc, it was always like that. I made some really good friends out in the streets, you'd just meet other riders, find new places to go together, next thing there was always someone going out every weekend, always some new spot to be hit.

In fact, one problem with all this UE shit is that it kind of made me lose motivation with bikes (although I'm guessing that doesn't apply to you Ben!).

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