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Report - Parkside Hotel, Pontefract, April 2012


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The Parkside Hotel is situated directly opposite to the Pontefract Park Racecourse.
The hotel is built on a site that was originally the Parkside farm and dates back nearly 200 years.
The original farm house buildings still remain as an incorporated part of the hotel.

The Parkside Hotel was shut down in September 2009 following a period of decline from 2006
when apparently its ownership changed hands and was ran on a leased basis.
There is a whole spate of bad reviews of the hotel on trip advisor from this period with headings such as:

“Filthy!!...Should be shut down.â€,
“Do not stay here!!!!!†,
“Not a chance of a booking from usâ€,
“Just don't go here...†,
“disgusting terrible placeâ€,
“omg! what a diveâ€,
“Parkside Hotel Pontefract, ONE TO AVOIDâ€,
“A dreadful Hotelâ€,
“Dirty Cold Old Fashioned and in need of restoration.â€.
-As you may guess these are hardly shining reviews of the place.

I went to have a nosy around the place in early 2010 to see if I could gain access
but there was security inside so I originally just gave it up as a bad job.

On the 8th January 2012 however there was a big fire in the larger two storey area of the hotel
that lead to this area being totally destroyed leaving just the first floor shell intact.
The building was now classified as unstable and so I knew it was unlikely security would be allowed inside
so I went back for another mooch one weekend only to find that there was now security sitting outside the building
in a car. Until one weekday I went past and noticed there was no security car outside so I went in for a look,
access isn’t an issue.


The original Farm house building.



What is left of the fire damaged section.


Booby trapped doors










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28DL Full Member
Well it's now 2015 and i'm sure nobody's taken it yet. Do you think it would be a good idea to have a sneak around as a newbie to Urbex? I live near to the place and there's a lack of abandoned buildings around that area.


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28DL Full Member
We used to have raves in here before it closed...there was about 3/4 events here. My first ever dj set was in the back room. Many memories in here. Shame its crumbled & deteriorated.

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