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Report - Part 1-Delamere Forest School, Hatchmere, 4/6/2017


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Credit to RyanWilliamson on this one as it was his report which led me here...

Set up in 1921 Delamere forest school was a fresh air school and home for delicate Jewish children, in 2010 the school relocated to North Manchester leading to its doors finally closing in July 2011.
96 years after the school first opened its doors i went back to reopen them again and try to capture the atmosphere of this once thriving school, here we go...

With living quite local to this location i penned it in for a Sunday afternoon visit, after the short drive towards Frodsham and through Kingsley i arrived in Hatchmere, passing the large lake on the right hand side and pulling into the car park for Delamere fortune palace restaurant. After a quick all you can eat buffet (would highly recommend if you visit this location ha!) i exited left out of the car park and proceeded up Blakmere Lane about 300 metres until the school came into view on my right hand side.

You literally just walk onto the grounds of the school and start exploring from there, after a quick walk around the building we found that the old swimming pool is still in use today (at the rear of the building to the left as you look at the school from the road), thus tried to avoid this area. Most of the buildings are very secure but with some persistence i managed to gain access without forcing entry or causing damage.

There is the usual signs of vandalism, broken windows ect. albeit little to no graffiti which added a little something to the place, all in all though it is in very good condition considering it has been left for the past 6 years, which in part i think is down to the location and it being a bit more secluded and unheardof than other sites.

Artwork still adorns the walls of the school, Names on the doors of various bedrooms, various bits of bric a brac lying around in addition to solid floors throughout made this quite a pleasant visit on the whole, the only issue i had with access was not gaining entry to the front reception building. Also inside the other buildings i gained access to, doors are locked but there are very large gaps where the glass panes have been removed and it is easy enough to climb through (im 15 stone and hardly a gymnast so if i can do it im sure you wont have a problem).

Anyway onto the pictures...


After entering the site i quickly darted behind the shed to avoid being seen from the road, the building to the left behind the tree was the reception which unfortunately i could not access.


One of the old classroom blocks, shut up tight and no way to gain entry.



A couple of memorials dotted around the school grounds.



A couple of the secured entrances to the premises... time to look elsewhere.




We are in! Access to a couple of ground floor rooms but nothing else, time to try again.


Laski Block, it was here i found my way into the school(il post a couple of pictures with an explanation at the end).







Some of the Art that is still present on the walls(and floors) of the school today.








Some shots of the dorms and staff bedrooms, i wonder if Teddy still remembers his old room at Delamere Forest School.






Toilets in which the ventilation fan kicked in after me entering causing quite the fright, Assembly Hall and the Sports Hall which was in absolute darkness.

See Part 2 of my Report for the rest of the pictures.
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I assumed some electricity was still on with the ventilation kicking in and the pool still being used at the back, what areas of the school do they still turn on in?
Well we walked around the whole inside of the main building, got to the room with the bed, and my partner flicked a light switch, all of the lights came on when we tried them, have to say I sh*t myself haha

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