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Report - Paton's Mill - Destroyed by NEDS, Johnstone.25.05.09


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William Paton founded a mill and bootlace factory in Johnstone, Renfrewshire, in the mid-19th century.
His factory occupied the site of an earlier cotton mill that was established there in 1782.
The factory closed in 2003.


This was by far one of the scariest explores I've ever done....

As I got nearer to the buildings, I could hear things being smashed up and with a slight glimpse of older men, I presumed it was workmen stripping the place.
Got a wee bit closer and I could see a wee kid with a metal pole in his hand smashing things up, then the voices of others.

Didn't know what to do, was in 2 minds weather to turn back but I had came 3 hours and didn't want to go away with some getting a few pictures.
So I put my money and phone down my bra and off I went.

The first building I came across was completley gutted by fire [later I was told that the fire happened the day before].
I made my way to where the noise was coming from and I could see a man up a ladder. I walked towards him and to cut a long story short, he was a pikey nicking the metal. Him and about 20 others - mostly aged 12! They all came out of no where towards me.
I managed to convince them I wasn't the police and I was just a girl from Aberdeen wanting to take photos.
They couldn't understand why the hell I wanted to do that but they said they wouldn't bother me if I wouldnt bother them. .. So off I went.

What I saw was not what I seen in the reports on here.
These guys have completley ruined the place, nicked everything and anything worth value.
Every floor they pulled boards off the window and threw things out.
They have snapped the locks off the front gate so their vans can come in and get the stash.







I'm sure I seen a picture of Raddog here....
It's now flooded.






The kids followed me about so I couldn't really concentrate on getting decent photos ...
Meet the Young Johnstone Crew.




So sad to see this ... :/

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And when the place does get BBQ'd and it appears in the papers etc I recon a forward of these pics would help them with their enquiries. ;)

Meet the Young Johnstone Crew.




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