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Report - Peace Court, Ekeren - December 2012 (Video only!)


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Hello to everyone on the forum. Here I am, back with another episode of Urbex Daff. Like always: no pictures, just a movie.

Many of you will know the location in this fifth episode by the code name of the hospital: 'HH3'. The hospital opened its doors in 1948 and closed them in 1999. After that, it became a center for asylum seekers. Sadly, the hospital was demolished in 2011.

The only building that remains now is the big manor. The manor was built in 1903 and was part of the hospital in the period between 1948 and 1999. Between 2001 and 2009, the manor served as a peace court. The manor isn't protected as a landmark and the cost for renovating it, turned out to be too high. So probably it will also be demolished.

It is a big building but I didn't get to explore a lot. The entry hall was very beautiful, but other than that there are only big empty rooms. There aren't any stairs, so I couldn't reach the upper levels. The basement however, was still nice to explore. Back in the days of the hospital, it was used as a kitchen; with industrial ovens and big refrigerators everywhere. It was quite creepy down there, so I decided to end my video with it.

To see more detail, I recommend watching the movie in HD and/or in full screen.


Have fun watching!

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