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Report - Pear Mill Chimney, Stockport, April 2010


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Pear Mill, Stockport, was one of the last cotton spinning mills to be built, commencing production in July 1913. It therefore represents the end of a line of development which commenced with Arkwright's mill of 1771, and is an example of a type of building which is fast disappearing. The architects were A.H. Stott & Sons and the building is typical of their work of that period both in terms of construction, and detailing. It ceased operation as a textile mill in March 1978.

Pear mill Chimney - 200ft - picture poached off google

Ever since I missed out on the Welkin mill chimney climb I've been looking at this one - every time I go climbing at awesome walls I look at it and think, one day - one day I'll climb that chimney. Today was that day.

Early this morning myself and Mr BigJobs set off to give it a go.

The first challenge involved actually reaching the ladder to begin the climb...


With that obstacle overcome with ninja skillz we made our way to the top where the views were amazing. Unfortunately no room to set up a tripod so all pictures were hand held - very few came out any good, but here are the best.



Then came the longest abseil I have done to date... I love abseiling, but this one was just a means to get down quickly and hopefully safely. I was overly aware all the way down of the dangers of abseiling, it really is a time you take your life in your hands.

resting on the 'pear level' for a few minutes I took the opportunity for some more shots I'm never likely to have the opportunity to get again.




Mission accomplished we set off just as dawn was creeping over the horizon.
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