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Lead or Rumour info - Peaslake/Shere Bunker?


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So I was talking to a guy a walk a few weeks back. He said back in the 70s when he was at school a few of his friends managed to get into a underground bunker of some sort(Supposedly with a few floors) around the Peaslake/Shere area? I can't find anything to suggest such a place exists though.

Apparently it was 'Up in the hills', if that helps?

Anyone heard of this? He might be BSing, but on the off chance that its real, It's worth a shot :D
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There's no ROTOR's or anything like that around that way and very little in the way of WW2 defences.

I'll do some metaphorical digging...


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A very quick Google revealed an old ww2 'bunker' in the hills by St Marthas church, Guildford, which isn't too far away but it's more of a pill box than a multi-leveled bunker.


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