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Report - Peenemunde, Initial Recce, June 2010


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Finally got round to joining this site and now have the time to contribute the first of a few reports from my working visit to the Peenemunde area in 2010. Please bear with me as these are my first reports and I have elected to write them in the way they happened. This one is my first recce of the area and will be followed by ones on the camp at Karlshagen, Peenemunde airfield and the Peenemunde museum.
I was lucky enough to end up on a job that had me near Peenemunde on the Baltic Sea, a place I have wanted to visit for a long time. Just for further interest I was actually working out of the port of Lubmin, the site of what was the largest Nuclear reactor in East Germany when it was built http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greifswald_Nuclear_Power_Plant. Yes I did try to get access, but unfortunately it is well occupied as they are still dismantling and so there are lots of people on site but I did get to drive through the site everyday to the port and was staggered to find I couldn’t get the whole building in one photo with my 10-28mm wide angle from quarter of a mile away!!


Anyway I digress…armed with whatever I could find off Google, Wikipedia and some mapping I had managed to get into Memory Map on my phone, I set off for a recce of what is a vast area. Please see the Wikipedia entries for Peenemünde Army Research Center and Peenemünde Airfield for information and maps of the area.
All I can say is it’s vast, it’s also a popular tourist destination for Germans so being June, there were people everywhere

This is the railway platform opposite the prison camp, where the Polish slave labour were unloaded.

One of the prison camp buildings.

One of the area maps which helpfully aren’t in English! This is just by the entrance to what was the prison camp area.

I found this in another area of the site near the airfield, after a bit of research it turns out it’s a canister for holding a grenade fuse.

From the looks of it this was potentially a small arms / grenade practice area.



Some bunkers can be seen across the other side of the river-never got chance to go to them.

Bunker entrance inside the Peenemunde port area.


View from the top.

U-461 a Soviet Diesel Electric Juliett class submarine which serves as a static display in Peenemunde harbour - http://www.u-461.de/

But I never got to go in the 8 weeks spent there…


Derelict barracks in Peenemunde village, just across from the museum.

The main entrance to the museum – to be visited another day..

View from outside the museum showing the V2 and the power station behind.

Building at the entrance to Peenemunde airfield


Plane and rocket at the entrance to Peenemunde airfield.

Warning signs in the woods on the way back from the airfield – lots of these everywhere..
So that was my initial recce. I will get the other reports done over the next few days.