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Report - Pembroke Defensible Barracks (Wales, Nov, 2019)


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I stopped off here on the way to Fishguard because it looked interesting on satellite view.

All I knew at the time was that it was recently up for sale. Had I realised there was already a report on here - a permission visit in 2012 - I might not have bothered
Nevertheless, although consisting mainly of empty rooms, it’s not a bad place really and I ended up spending a couple of hours wandering around.
The basement is the best bit with some nice fireplaces and remains of military signage.

History: As a well known listed building there’s plenty of information including old photos online.
Briefly, it was built in the mid 1800s to an old fashioned design, occupied by various military units, then used by the council after WW2 for storage.
More recently part was rented out as a club house for a golf club.
Various plans to do something with it seem to have progressed slowly, although one side of the central square has now been converted into apartments.
Have a look at @mookster’s post above for more background.

Photos are a mixture of camera and phone.


Ground floor

A room next to the entrance with some sort of winder.


Some social spaces.

First floor

View of the Valero oil refinery along the coast.


Bikin Glynn

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Thats pretty spectacular if u ask me, some of the signage has survived really well.
Love the old strechers hanging up too nice one!

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