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Report - Pen-yr-Orsedd Slate Quarry - Nantlle - 2015


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Hi, new to the forum and 1st post - the slate quarries of North Wales are where I was bought up, so when I go back to visit the parents, we have a tradition of exploring them.
Visited on a sunny afternoon on a whim with the good lady wife, my son and my mother on a family day out (as you do) - considering my mothers over 70 and the boys only 2 I think we did quite well - apologies to the connoisseurs though, all the pics were off my phone.
History on this wonderful site is well documented on this forum try here
If you search this forum for the same quarry there's a few previous reports, you can really see how she's slowly losing the battle with nature.

BTW - Definately still in use - if it hadn't been a Sunday I think burly men would have persuaded us all off - in my defence, I only realised at the end when I came a cross a Portaloo that has loo roll and soap, and was clean enough for use without being scared.

there 90 odd pictures, so I've put them here

....if I'm allowed to put that manyphotos on here then someone let me know how and I'll gladly put them up :)

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You can't post 90 pictures on here, post the best dozen on here, then link to the slideshow


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The pics look decent enough mate but even on the slide show im not going to go through 90 of them..like OT said sort out a good selection and bung them up

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A great place to stroll, and would love to see if you got up to the higher stuff? It went dark on me. But to go through over 90 photos is just a wee bit too much.


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It was a great day - amazing place, and I got proper carried away - the 90 pics is only a small portion!

Anyhoo, just spent 2 hours trying to get a selection up on here to get a message regarding spam like content, as I'm the opposite of PC literate I give up for now - I'll give it another whirl another time - cheers all


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Some damn good pics there mate, nice work.

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