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Report - Penallta Colliery - South Wales - 2011


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Disclaimer: In order to correctly appreciate this report and all related content you must feel the NEED. If you do not feel the NEED please redirect your browser to the following domain: www.flickr.com

In addition If you are found to be appreciating the content contained within this report and can not provide adiquate evidence when prompted that you feel the NEED i reserve the right to find you somewhat displeasing.....

I had neglected to visit this colliery before, an error on my part. When the oppertunity arose for a trip to Cardiff last spring it seemed like the ideal chance to ammend this error.

Myself, Dweeb, Laura and Raddog arrived to find some rugged looking individules burning the hording that once surrounded the site. Quite what was going on was a mystery but we continued to explore the remains of the bathhouse as planned. After depleating the delights of the ruinous yet pleasing building we headed down to confront the rather puzzling fire mob and were pleasently suprised when we were invited inside the remains of the large winding house and told to spend 'as long as we liked' wandering the dangerous building site with no safety gear.. a good result by anyones standards.

Its at about this point that the NEED started to rear its ugly head. Athough we thought it rather rude to abuse our host's trust, after all surely attempts to climb would be met with a stern 'come down from there' probably followed by a even sterner 'fuck off'.. So to cut a long story short we asked "can we climb up there mister".. "Do what you like, ive not seen ya" was the reply.. Grand i thought, thats the sort of contract i like.. So up we went Dweeb took one stock, i took the other. Mine was marginly easier and i was up and down sharpish, barely attracting 10 on lookers from the nearby flats.. Its about this point where the narritive gets a bit complicated however as it seems one of my loving on lookers may have just taken a disliking to our perfectly legitimate antics and called the Heddlu De Cymru on our asses.. Refering back to our contract details above i made the conclusion that we were unlikely to recive any sort of apprive from our hosts in this situation. The deal had turned somewhat sour on that front.. Hoping to avoid any excessive attraction of attention i resorted to throwing fuel on the fire as the Heddlumobile past our way and Dweb clambered back down the upcast steelwork post haste.. In flash (ok a couple of mins) Dweeb had reached the bottom of his stock too and with that we made our retreat to the pair of peugeot estates wating to lift us from our location skillfully leaving the Heddlu to confront the mob..

In summery much fun was had by all on this trip but i still have unfinished buisness to attend to, the upcast awaits my return!








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