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Report - Penance, Birmingham - June 2010


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1. a punishment undergone in token of penitence for sin.
2. a penitential discipline imposed by church authority.

TheVicar provided the lead for this drain, which influenced the naming of it along with the punishing amount of stooping you have to do. Thanks mate. :D

When we first recce'd the location it was during the great rains of 2 weeks ago, and we were presented with a raging torrent. "Surely it would need a Moses-like miracle to conquer this gushing beast", we asked ourselves... So we returned to our awaiting chariot and continued on our way. This was not over.

2 weeks later we return, with the mythical search blaster in our possession, and we enter...


The initial section is about 5 foot tall, starting in brick but eventually turning in concrete. God knows how long it is, but I didn't get any photos of that section. Leading off it though are 2 brick box tunnels, which if the smell is anything to go by are sewer overflows. We left out those tunnels of want of a gas meter.

Apart from a 7 foot box concrete section about half way it continually gets smaller to about 3 foot, and it still goes further and gets shorter.


This patch of water took the life of Bubblehead's camera.


For the majority of the drain you're no more than 2 foot below the surface, but at one point you're vastly underneath something. Which could possibly be a railway embankment, or something to do with the canal you go under.


There's a few split chambers with varying size brick pipes in both directions. This one had a grill on the left into the outside world.




The section far in the depths of the drain is 13 bricks in height, which we worked out to be about 3 and a half foot.



Bubblehead's photos do the place a lot more justice than mine. I just hope his camera's well enough to let him have them. :banghead

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