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Report - Penarth Slate Mine, Carrog June 2012


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28DL Full Member
Firstly let me apologise for the lack of photos, the things I have seen today have blown my mind, Why MontyMole? I hear you ask.

Well, I have never until today entered a disused mining system and been so overwhelmed by what I have seen.

I know the history of the mine has been published before but here is a website I found very interesting. http://carrogstation.moonfruit.com/#/local-quarries/4543281746

The slight descent, whilst carrying a 55 litre rucksack (yeah I know, I packed waaaay to much kit) was a bit tricky especially getting through the small entrance, but, when into the main hall and after my eyes had adjusted as much as they were going to I could not believe the vastness of this place. Degenatron and The Kwan, your pictures defintely do this place justice.

The problem I came against today was lighting!!! I had a head torch with a 1 watt LED (very weak), A stanley tripod torch (6 poor led Torch) and a Class 2 5 Watt led torch (the best of a bad bunch). I set my camera to ISO 800 and set the BULB for taking the long exposures but could I get the effect and lighting I wanted? NO!!! I will post the pictures below, please if anyone would mind and if this report makes it, would you give me some advice on lighting or point me in the direction on the forum. (I have used the search but probably typing in the wrong thing)





Please by all means, give me feedback, it will be welcomed.




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