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Report - Pendleton house - Salford - May 2021


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The City of Salford Pendleton house was built in 1936 as a public assistance office, were the poor and unemployed people were put through tests to see if they qualified for dole. It's not clear how long the office was in use for, but in 1970 the City of Salfords coroners Court moved to Pendleton house, were it remained until 2005. When the Courts closed (due to accessibility issues) the building was used as offices for the council and the local Mental Health Trust until 2009. The single story building known as the ' back of Pendleton house' was used as a walk in centre from 2004 to 2011.
A developer bought the building in 2017 for £790k. The building is supposed to become apartments In the next couple of years, however nothing has began yet.

This was a relatively easy explore once we found the way in! I think the vest feature left remaining had to be the staircase! It's clear what the building has been used for throughout the years, as remains of both the court and the mental health services are still inside. We even came across a newspaper from 1999.
Didn't get many photos due to there not being much too see really, however the important ones are pictured below.
However there's a picture below of the holes in the floor of almost every room on the ground floor... can anybody tell me why someone would go to such efforts?






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