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Report - Peninsula General Hospital, USA October 2015


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Peninsula General Hospital was a former medium sized acute care teaching hospital located in the Far Rockaway neighbourhood of Queens, New York. Many people assume it's closure in 2012 was due to damage sustained by Hurricane Sandy which battered the hell out of that part of New York but in actual fact it closed a few months prior to that after the main pathology laboratories failed State-ordered tests. After the laboratories were shut down the hospital became financially crippled and closed it's doors soon after, however the attached 200-bed nursing and rehabilitation centre remained open and survives on to this day.

My friends who I explored the building with were explaining to me about how they were going in after it had only just closed and everything was still powered up. The building remained fully powered until a generator exploded on one of the flat roofs a year or so after closure resulting in a fire that affected a small area of an upper floor. After that all the services were shut off and the decay began to set in.

The mortuary here was the first port of call, it's the first and only one I've ever seen with an 'XL' fridge for larger bodies although it was in the worlds worst position for a photo so I ended up leaving it sadly.

The hospital was demolished in the spring of 2016.

Sadly the two x-ray machines were in stupidly awkward rooms to get decent photos...

Thanks for looking :)


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Fascinating place! All those drawers and desks to poke through... I could see myself being here an entire day!


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Cheers guys. It was a great place to rummage around. One of the most intact hospitals I had seen they had literally only taken most of the beds with them and the operating tables, and left everything else behind.