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Report - Penkhull Education Centre, Stoke-on-Trent - Feb 18


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I've never seen anything from this place but it has stood here for a while it seemed. Although it didn't have many distinguishing features, which is why there are few pictures, I found the explore enjoyable nevertheless.

Penkhull Education Centre

Penkhull school opened in 1896 on land which was formerly part of the Mount Estate of Josiah Spode II. Its size and appearance are typical of many built in the Potteries during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Note the windows beneath the main gables, a reflection of the area's continued fascination with the Venetian style.

Far from being an eyesore, Penkhull Infants' School, which was built in 1896 by Stoke-on-Trent School Board to a design by local architects R Scrivener & Sons, is a superb example of the wave of late Victorian school buildings which were built after education was made compulsory for all children aged 5.

Happy Hours day nursery, Penkhull opened in 2003. It operates from two classrooms and the hall in the former Penkhull Infants School, which is now an education centre. Happy Hours serves the local area. [so the school closed prior to 2003]


Also, we made a video on this site. It is only short as the building didn't have too much to offer but it shows a more in depth explore if that's what your interested in.

Thanks for reading :)
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Nice little school - the roof in the hall is almost the same as the one in the old North Primary School also in Stoke, but that one has long since been converted. Hopefully something decent happens to this one too.

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