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Report - Peppermint Powerplant - Germany, July 2017


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Peppermint Powerplant

I've seen this particular location a few times before online but I decided to post up a report on it anyway because I think it's quite special with some unique characteristics.


The Peppermint Powerplant was built in conjunction to a nearby paper mill with the purpose of supplying electricity to the mill. The plant features a stunning peppermint colour scheme on the singular turbine and control panels. The turbine itself was produced by Siemens, a company established in 1904 in Berlin and is currently one of the most prominent manufactures of high powered gas turbines worldwide. The plant also hosted two Steinmüller boilers. One of which was commissioned in 1954 and the other in 1965. Both the power station and the paper mill were decommissioned around 1999. From what we could see the paper mill had been stripped. But despite being closed for nearly 20 years the power station has remained in very nice condition.


Last stop for the day on a Euro trip with @darbians. We both wanted to see this site so we decided it was worth having a quick look before it got too dark. Even though it wasn't a large site there was still a good amount to photograph, in fact I wish I took more but here are the ones I did manage to get.

(Excuse the awkward handheld shot)

(Was getting pretty dark at this point so we decided to call it a day)

Hope you enjoyed reading my report.
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