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Report - Pepsi Max Big One Blackpool Sept 2013


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28DL Full Member
Sorry to make my first report a bit of an oddball permission visit but if nothing else it's a bit of practice I guess. I took part in a "Walk the Big One" event, organised by Blackpool Pleasure Beach themselves, the idea of it being to give an alternative view of the famous seafront illuminations display. I'll apologise now for the iPhone photos, a decent camera is on the horizon though.

For anyone not familiar with it, the Big One was built in 1993/1994 at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Lancashire under the imaginative title, Project 94. It's 235ft summit made it the world's tallest, a title which it held for just 8 months before the Yanks claimed it. Top speed is around 85mph on the first drop. Costing £12M when finished, it is the second biggest investment the park has ever made. Anyone remember Fathers 4 Justice scaling it some 10 years or so ago by the way?

Here we have the lift hill seen from the promenade.


Following a safety briefing and getting harnessed up our group set off. It was surprisingly comfortable to climb the steps without holding the handrail btw. Well on the way up here...



And at the summit. Potential for some great pictures from here with the right equipment!






Thanks for looking, I know it's not much but keep an eye out for my next report under Leisure Sites. Any compliments, criticism and advice appreciated.

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