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Report - perrimount gardens air raid shelter, Thanet - Dec 09


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Ok, here it goes. This is my 1st report so please go easy on me as i have seen that many 1st reports go to the epic bin lol

Visited this site with frosty and fortknox just before christmas.

This place is a bit of an odd one...

It is situated under a park/gardens in broadstairs and is rumoured to have been used as air raid protection in WW2. It is currently used to house a water pump for the above fountain.

I had accessed this place a couple of years back and the condition hasen't changed but this time i was armed with my camera to document the site!

It sits approx. 10ft underground and has regular shafts providing ventilation. Access is via a locked private entrance which i believe is now also boarded up.

The tunnel system consists of two sections, the 1st is a standard concrete lined section. the second section is of a very odd construction type!

anyway...on with the pictures!

this is one of the original tunnel doors, now left to decay on the floor

this was the primary entrance to the tunnel system, now sealed up

this is just to the left of the original entrance

along with this

The 1st part of the tunnel is a common construction type as seen in many WW2 shelters in the area

But then a very different construction type is used in the second part. The two types can clearly be seen here

Longest tunnel in the complex

Showing more of the tunnel system



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really good pics, some of the best iv seen of this place. Nice to see ya getting on well with the new camera.

heres afew of mine.........









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Agree with all the above. Good photos and a bit of a report - keep at it.

Is this one of the standard local authority type shelters with little brick entrances (now sealed up) or something different?
Hey there pauln. No this is still accessable to whoever owns it, the entrance labelled as now sealed up refers to a locked gate, behind that is a couple of sheets of wood nailed shut as seen from the inside in picture 2. Its a bit of an odd one. No one seems to know much about it but its a fair size. In comparrison to somewhere common in the area like sarre BHQ its probably around double the size (ish) :thumb

Hope that answers your question mate, about the best i can do lol

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